2 Ways to Buy Steam Wallet Code w/o CC



I live in the Philippines and I don’t have a credit card so I thought there was no way I can top up my steam wallet. Good thing there are options available: 

  1. YazzCard – is a prepaid card that you can buy at SM Dept Store Customer Service for 100 pesos. It works like a credit card, so you can use it on most online stores or websites. The difference is it’s prepaid, which means you have to add funds to it first before you can use it.
  2. Coins.ph – is an online wallet that lets you pay bills, buy cellphone load and of course buy steam wallet codes. They also allow you to buy cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. If you have no idea what those are, you can just ignore that part of the website for now. 
 How to Add Funds to your Steam Account using YazzCard.
  1. After you sign up for yazzcard at any sm department store customer service, you can now load it with maybe around 500 or 300 pesos. Once sm service representative confirmed that they processed the amount and it is now in your account, you can go to step 2.
  2. Log in to your Steam account, then buy funds like you would be using a credit card, that’s how easy it is. However if you’re not comfortable in using a prepaid card, you can just use option number 2: coins.ph
How to Buy Steam Wallet Code using Coins.ph
  1. After you sign up and verify your selfie and ID with the website and app, then you will be able to load your coins PHP wallet with any amount ideally 300 or 500 pesos. You can do this by using the “Cash In” option then choose 7-11, which is the easiest way to cash in. Show the bar code to the 711 cashier and pay for the amount. 
  2. When you see the amount in your PHP Wallet on the coins.ph site, you can now buy Steam Code Wallet. Click on the Game Credits tab at the top of the site (located beside cash in and cash out). Or You can also use the cellphone app, it also has the “Game Credits” button. Then just follow the prompts. The minimum amount you can buy is 50 pesos, then 800 pesos, 1100 and 2200 pesos. After buying from coins, you will be sent a text message with the pin code.

^Above are images of how I put the steam code pin to my steam account.

I have to tell you here, I am an affiliate of Coins.ph, I mean every member of that site is kinda their affiliate because we receive rewards when we refer people to them and they verify their ID with the site. So, when you click on my link, and you sign up and verify your ID with them, we both receive 50 pesos rewards. Yes, that’s right, just for verifying your ID and selfie, you receive 50 pesos. That is no scam, I received it already years ago and they are still running the same offer. Anyway, it’s not important if you’re only after a way to buy steam code wallet.

You may be skeptical in using these methods, but I know first hand they work. I have been using Yazzcard for many years now, I forgot exactly when I got it hahahaha. But I think I have been using yazzcard for around 3 years. 

With coins, I have been a member of that site for more than 3 years now, I can be sure of that coz the first ever transaction I made was in May 2016 as the screenshot below shows: 

first coins ph transactions

So, I don’t know if my words have any effect, but I hope to reassure you that you are in good hands with yazzcard and coins.ph.

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