Free Steam Game Compatible with Mac: One that I Love



There are lots of free steam games available but not all of them are good. It’s even harder to find steam games that are compatible with Mac, much less free ones. I have tried some and they sucked, but this one I love.

Game name:

AdVenture Capitalist


You will play as someone who owns businesses

How to play:

You just keep on clicking until you earn enough to have managers and then you will earn money without clicking. You can also leave the game for hours and you will see how much you earned when you get back. 


What you’ll see in the game when you’ve been playing for a while.

screen shot of the game


I just searched for other reviews of this game online and I found out that this game was released in year 2015. I am very late to the party hahahaah, I don’t know if there are still any active players, but with the last game event, I think I was at top 15, but in total, there were top 50 players in the rankings. So there maybe more who just didn’t join the event.

I know this game is super easy and simple, but if you try it, I just have to warn you, it’s addictive lolz. I think I’m gonna play this game until I’m old and have nothing better to do hahahahaha. I think I’m going to spend money on it, just so the developers can continue developing this great entreprenuerial game.


Reasons why I love this game?

  • it allows me to see my money increasing per second hahahah
  • it reminds me that the objective is to have managers managing my business so I will earn without me being there. I think I’m gonna play this game until I’m old coz it’s always a reminder of what my objective is, I want to create a business that will run without me managing it and earn from it passively.
  • It’s easy enough to do but have great challenges too and really fun for me to play.
  • I can really play it as a free player, of course there are disadvantages but I still enjoy the game.
  • it’s a single-player game
  • Graphics are great
  • I can leave the game for hours and have money accumulating for me lolz

What I want them to improve:

  • I hope someday they add animated movements of characters like, that would really be fun, like having a full street full of all your businesses and me walking around and showing my character entering the business lolz.
  • I just keep on clicking hahahahah it’ll be better if there are more animations when I reached a certain level or goals.

As you saw I’m still just starting out with the game and I have yet to start businesses on other adventures. This game has 4 adventures, one for earth, moon, mars and one for events that players can participate in real time.

Who will probably enjoy this game?

If you’re like me and you enjoy single player games and you enjoy playing the role of having businesses of your own, then this is a good fit for you. This is the only entrepreneur game I know of that has great concept, graphics and over all just really great fun game.

So, if you’re looking for a free steam game that’s compatible with mac. Give this a try on your steam, search for AdVenture Capitalist and download for free.

Enjoy! 🙂


  1. Georgios Keisidis

    Hello Ann. Looks like a great game. Building your business in real life in real time and then you go play a game that is about running a business.
    I used to play games like these when for example I was waiting in school for the lecture to start. Now I play mostly competitive games (League of Legends) as I am still quite low in ranking (Gold 3).
    A game I enjoy playing a lot is Monopoly. I play it with my sister when she’s around. So fun for me.
    Glad I stumbled upon your post. Have a beautiful day.

    1. admin

      I love monopoly!! 🙂 Although I don’t play it nowadays, only when I’m with my cousins. I love this business game coz it reminds me of my goal: to have an automated online business so I won’t have to be around for it to make money.

      I heard of league of legends, it’s like dota 2, I don’t play either games but I watch lots of pro players play dota 2.

      Thanks for your comment. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. Misty

    Thank you for that review! It looks like a fun game, and I love that it’s free. I currently only have one game I play on Steam. I think I will have to add this one to the list!


    1. admin

      Yes, me too! I love that I don’t need to shell out real money hahaah. Wow only one game on steam, I hope you will enjoy this one.

  3. Jesse Lee

    I like the sound of this game!
    You went into a lot of great detail about this game and it sure looks like you can make a lot of money in the game.
    I would be interested in trying this game out sometime soon.
    Thanks for an in-depth description of this game!

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