Kuku’s New Team

Kuku, the former TNC Predator player is now in Geekfam.

Since I’m one of Kuku’s fans, I’m going to support Geekfam from now on.  🙂

Of course he will not say anything about it coz maybe the company have non-disclosure agreement or something, but for me, I think TNC let him go because they don’t want to deal with the Chinese problem. Since I don’t like China at the moment coz of their communist party, I don’t really care for anything Chinese lolz. And because TNC let him go, I’m no longer supporting TNC, I don’t like anyone not fighting bullies, but I guess that’s not a good move to go against the biggest financial contributor in the Dota 2 market right?

Who cares about my opinion hahhahha. I’m a nobody. But, I care about my country and my favorite Dota 2 professional player, Kuku. I unfollowed TNC and am now following Geekfam.

I still follow the TNC players in twitter, just not the TNC official twitter account. I don’t want to hear about them at the moment. I’m kinda disappointed they gave up on Kuku.


Kuku win a major this year!!!! Kaya nyo yan!!! 🙂


He is actually reunited with Raven. They are now both in this Malaysian Dota 2 team.

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