Poker Game on Sale on Steam till September 24, 2019

I just saw this today while searching for a single player game in mac in steam and saw that this was on sale. If you’ve played a poker game in casinos before, this is exactly the same and if you’ve enjoyed playing it in casino, you’ll enjoy it on steam. 🙂

I actually saw my aunts play this game and they let me play it too. So, when I saw this on steam and saw that I can buy it for 19 php which is less than 52 pesos which is the equivalent amount of one dollar, I bought it immediately lolz. This game sells for more than 100 pesos, but you can buy it for less today and until September 24, 2019.

This game doesn’t require that much thinking so it’s ok to play when I just want to click things and relax my mind a little. You have 100 in your balance when you play a new game.

Here’s a sample video:


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