What Steam Game Should I Play? You Ask, I Suggest



If you don’t know what to play out of thousands of games available on steam, then you can check out my 3 suggestions.

2 Free Steam Games and 1 not free.

  1. AdVenture Capitalist = Free
  2. Lost Lands = Free
  3. Jagged Alliance 2 Classic = Paid

Below are the descriptions of each game.

1. AdVenture Capitalist

WHAT: It is a game where you play a business owner and you click to earn money, then re-invest the money to earn more and so on and so forth.

WHO: This is probably for those who have entrepreneurial spirit, those who like to see their money earnings go up.

WHEN: This was created on 2015, but still active coz they have game events every week where you can earn exclusive rewards if you’re top 1-4 in the leaderboard.

For my in-depth review of the game, click here.

2. Lost Lands

WHAT: This is a hidden object game that has an elf storyline.

WHO: Those who like/love hidden objects game and loves a challenge.

I don’t know when this game was created and I don’t have an official review of the game coz I’ve just started playing it, but I love the graphics. They have a great drawing of the elves and the people and the objects. Even at the start of the game, the intro, I like how they tell the background story of the game. Although, it is a little bit challenging for me to play coz I’m not really that good in playing hidden objects.

3. Jagged Alliance 2 Classic

WHAT: This is a strategy game where your mission is to help the people of the place called Arulco. They are under a tyrant and some people are actually trying to revolt and had a foothold on one of the cities there, but they can’t really defeat the queen without outside help and that’s where you come in.

WHO: Those who like games that involves great characters and guns and likes a bit of strategy and a challenge.

If you’ve never played this game before and you fit the description of the “who” above, I recommend you play this old but good game. I’ve played and finished this game years ago, but until now, I can’t find any game that comes close to being on the same level as this game is. I haven’t seen any game like it in the market. I love the characters, their lines and just the over all concept. I don’t have a full review here but I will do so in the next few days and update this blog with the link.

I think this game is only included when you buy the Jagged Alliance Crossfire game and this can only be played on Windows. I tried on my mac, it doesn’t launch the game. And I think there is also an issue of not being able to play it smoothly if you used all the game save slots. so if the game has 10 “save slots” just use 9 and you won’t get an error. I’m not sure if they corrected it already. I don’t know if the developers are actively improving this game. I wish they would update it to run on new mac os since this is a classic game that I won’t get tired of playing again and again.


Those are just my suggestions. Play at your own risk. But I really like these 3 games. 🙂

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